Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Pho Vietnam House

Last night my housemates with a guest they had up from Sheffield, headed to a lovely tiny Vietnamese restaurant not far from ours called Pho Vietnamese House.

I had been there once before and my housemates a few times.

It is a wee tiny restaurant, with 4 or 5 tables in total. A short but succinct and delicious menu, and byo.

Having been here before I still remembered the food envy I had when I first saw the Pork dish, so even though we were sharing, I pleaded that we may try that.
 I had opted for a plate of the fresh spring rolls for myself, as the others shared a plate of fresh and fried between the 3 of them.
 They were positively lovely, the mint was a refreshing and a refined addition, and the peanut sauce was a perfect compliment.
 I was a little disappointed that there wasn't a bit for filling apart from rice noodles all the way through. There were prawns in, and there were beautiful... but maybe a few more.

 Everyone except I ordered the chicken noodle soup. And there were certainly no shortages oh mmm's and ahhhh's between slurps.

 This was a braised pork dish with caramel and pepper. The meat was ahhh-mazing, a lovely slow cook which left the meat moist and fall-apart tender. The sauce over the rice was a treat in itself.
 This was our fish dish. It was also lovely, but definitely a runner up to the pork.
 Delicious crispy bean shoots, lime and mint to add as we pleased.
And a lasting memory of the dish of the day.

Reservations are recommended if you decide to eat here. It's byo and cheap as chips, but sensational flavours and good serving sizes.

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