Thursday, 12 April 2012

Afternoon Tea!

I love the idea of afternoon tea. I think in one episode of the Sopranos when Carmela and Meadow go to a stunning hotel for a high tea afternoon I always thought... ooh how posh.

We had spent the day entertaining ourselves around Edinburgh, and had filled up on breakfast, but had not had lunch, so we thought a nice cup of tea would re-fuel our batteries, and again Miss L (she does have a fantastic knowledge of great places to eat in Edinburgh) made a suggestion: Mimi's at the Shore.

As soon as I walked in I was taken aback with the luscious decor, reminiscent of a french boudoir: everything decadent, bold and oh so inviting.
As soon as we saw the menu, all 3 of us decided we'd have the 'Awe-inspiring Afternoon Tea' £13.95 per person. It comprised tea, sandwiches and a selection of sweets.
The girls preparing, behind a selection of cakes and slices.
Gasps of pleasure as our pots of tea and towers of delicious temptation arrived at our table. The presentation was absolutely divine.
Our sweets: cupcake, melting moment, chocolate-coconut bounty slice, plain scone, fruit scone, meringue with clotted cream and raspberries.
Tower for 2

Tower for one

The tea, by TeaPigs, was absolutely wonderful.

We pondered for a moment as to which order to eat our pickings, I decided savoury then sweet, and repeat.

The sandwiches were lovely, I just love sandwiches made by anyone else. I rarely eat sandwiches anymore, as I spend most of my time trying to avoid wheat, but when I do allow myself, I remember what a wonderful food bread and sandwiches are. Beautifully soft, fresh bread, and I love that they are served crusts off, and oh so little.

Ham and mustard, smoked salmon and cucumber, egg and watercress sandwiches.      
The sweets were INCREDIBLE.

I am mush more of a savoury than a sweets person, but these were just divine.

First I had a plain scone. Only about as big as a golf ball, and still warm in the middle. My first try of clotted cream left me with a look of ultimate pleasure on my face. 10/10.

The cupcake was soft and spongy with a decadent serving of icing.

The melting moment was crumbly but not dry, and was delicately flavoured: delicious.

My surprise of the bunch was the meringue with clotted cream. I don't usually like a meringue but with the cream and the tart raspberries, this was a superb specimen.

The fruit scone, as with the plain, was divine.

The bounty slice was very sweet, but very tasty.

I have now decided that I love afternoon tea as much as all my other favourite meals (that is, all of them). I do think it is a very decadent meal, and maybe one that should be reserved for special occasions. BUT when I do decide an occasion is special enough, I can certainly see myself returning here.

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