Friday, 30 March 2012

Smoke Stack: another post about Steak!

After we'd had our afternoon drinks at the Cumberland, we decided to head to Broughton Street for a bite to eat. We ummm'd and ahhhhh'd till decided on STEAK!
We hadn't reserved but Smock Stack still found room for us. Inside were very minimalistic and a little rustic, with ambient lighting and candles, really comfortable.

We ordered a round of drinks then looked at the menu to make our choices for dinner.

Starter and Mains chosen, we chatted and sipped on our drinks.

In a very timely fashion the first course arrives.
My shrimp tail were delicious, with that wonderful burst you get when you bite into a fresh prawn that had been cooked just right. The batter was light, flavoursome and had a fantastic crunch. The from-the-bottle chilli sauce was very disappointing.

 K had the cheesy garlic bread.
 G had Chilli Con Carne.
L had the pate.

One of the things that really not troubled nor confused me... just I found a bit weird... was the way the menu was written regarding steaks.
I probably would have gone for the Sirloin (bigger the better) but, and G agreed, we were both put of by the fact that a steakhouse is somewhat promoting well-done steaks. It as I said, I'm not even sure how it made me feel, but definitely left me furrowing my brow.

My fillet steak, done rare with mash potato and house salad served with Drambuie and mushroom sauce.

This was one of the best steaks I have ever tried. it was soooo packed full of flavour, honestly one of those moments where the steak went on and on forever. It was cooked to perfection and was perfectly juicy but retained the moisture rather then just have it flow all over the plate with every cut.

The sauce was interesting, and the Drambuie added a sweetness that I'm not used to having with a steak, but it was really enjoyable.

The house salad was one of the best I've had, chock full of black and green olives, ripe tomatoes and sweet peppers.

The mash was also lovely, and made for a nice change from the usual chips I often order with steak.

And for my co-diners:
 K had the shrimp and avocado salad with blue cheese dressing. Those shrimps look awesome, and look how much avo they gave her!
 G;s Sirloin, blue cheese sauce and chips. G said both the sauce and the chips were fantastic.
L had the chicken fajitas.

Everyone seemed happy with their meals. L mentioned that the fajitas were a bit saucy for her taste, but G agreed that the steak was fantastic.

I've really started enjoying desserts lately, but have also become quite good at saying no. Instead having a digestiv or liqueur instead. G, however was more than happy to order a serve of banoffe pie, and L some fruits of the forest sorbet. Both which look really tasty.

Service was average to good most of the time, but dipped to poor by the end of the evening, which is such a shame, cause I would love to love this restaurant!

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