Monday, 23 April 2012

XL Bacon Double Cheese Burger

What is my favourite naughty take-out? Hungry Jacks.... It's Burger King over here, and if there was any chance I wouldn't become a balloon (which I really would) I would eat it like 5 times a week: easy!

So 2 Saturdays ago I was off to Glasgow for a gig, and as there was to be a fairly copious amount of alcohol to be drunk, Burger King seemed like a fantastic idea.

My favourite menu items back home were the Whopper with Cheese, and the Bacon Deluxe.

My favourite here:
               XL Bacon Double Cheese Burger:

Oh my, I actually started salivating just now.

It's two whopper size slabs of beef, three bits of cheese and rashers of bacon with tomato sauce.

Unfortunately, I really only eat from places like that maybe 3 or 4 times a year, so I have a while to wait till the next one.

What are your favourite 'sometimes' fast foods/ takeouts?

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