Sunday, 29 April 2012

Brunch: Gardener's Cottage popup restaurant at Edinburgh Farmers' Markets

Miss K has had some truly splendid gastro-ideas lately. One of her top one's was booking us places as Gardener's Cottage popup restaurant at Edinburgh Farmers' Markets.

We had both read up about what this was all about, and the very quick rundown is this: 2 acclaimed chefs who are soon to be opening a restaurant in Edinburgh have been doing a popup dining affair in the outdoor Farmers' Markets on Edinburgh's Castle Terrace.

To read a bit more, have a click on here.

By some magical twist of fate, the weather Gods were feeling generous, and offered us sun for the first time in weeks!

We made for the markets and were taken aback my how gorgeous the table looked, standing majestically in the centre of the markets. Folk walking past, curiously looking to see what the fuss was about, it all felt a bit VIP really.

We were shown to our seats and offered blankets for our legs. Coffee was poured for us, and we were run through the menu, which was pretzel and Virgin Mary to start and smoked haddock with wilted spinach and poached eggs to follow.

We were informed that the Virgin Marys were made with Isle of White tomatoes and were unlike any Mary I had ever tried before, virgin or otherwise.  It was zingy-fresh, with the fresh tomatoes coming through first and foremost.

 The pretzel was a trip straight back to Germany, salty and crusty on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside: served with butter and (for those who opted for it) locally produced Jam, I tasted the Jam and it was out of this world... like grown up candy!

 It was wonderful watching out hosts preparing our food before our very eyes.

 And our light, refreshing yet bold and refined breakfast. Firstly, the idea of fish for breakfast (brunch) took me a little while to get my head around, til I realised that I have indeed had smoked salmon with scrambles many a time.

The poached eggs were ever so slightly overdone, but apart from that it was a lovely breakfast.

The apple juice was also produced locally and was also really nice, and the waitress was wonderfully observant when it came to making sure out coffee cups were always full.

A suggested £10 donation was all that was required to be a part of this last-of-its-kind event. Quite a a shame about that, but quite looking forward to the gent's restaurant opening.


  1. My many thanks to Miss K for helping me out when I realised I had left my memory card at home.

    And 3 of the photos are her own : so thank you for that K

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