Thursday, 26 April 2012

What I learnt from River Cottage, or Fish for Tea!

I had the most gorgeous dinner tonight. After my big burger lunch I felt like something light for dinner.

I had a couple of fillets of cod in the fridge, and really thought I'd end up making a fish pie with them, but I didn't have any white sauce mix and didn't feel like the gluginess of a flour-based sauce. Then I remembered back to a River Cottage episode I saw where Hugh showed everyone how easy it was to cook fish at home.

In essence, get a chunk of fish, add some flavours, wrap in foil, and throw in the oven. And that is precisely what I did: With spring onions, flat leaf parsley, finely chopped garlic and a squeeze of fresh lime juice.

While waiting for the fish to cook, I decided to char some courgette, which I did on a griddle pan, with just a touch of oil and freshly cracked pepper. (see also my post from 3 days ago).

 And to fill out the meal, and to use up some pre-cooked rice I had leftover from casserole night, I whipped up a very fast fried rice.

Garlic and onion sauteed... finely chopped mushrooms and tiny broccoli florettes, flavoured with oyster sauce, a squeeze of lime (which incidentally I overdid and had to try to take away the tartness using) a tiny blob of sweet chili sauce.   I also made made a little side sauce of mayo, parsley, lime juice and chili flakes.

 Here's the fish, after twenty mins at 180 deg.

And here is the final product! The fish turned out just perfect, flaky and moist, though next time I think I will season it with salt before baking it. The courgette, well it's just become one of my favourite sides. And the rice was very tasty.

The mayo was one to remember, I think it would make a lovely accompaniment to many things, boiled tatties, chips, just on the side of most plates, I would think.

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