Friday, 2 March 2012

Illegal Jacks, Lothian Road, Edinburgh

Tonight the Filmhouse was showing Amilie. I had never seen it before but knew it was a well loved movie, so when my friend S asked me to join him, I jumped at the chance.

We opted for a bite to eat at Mexican fast-food-diner style restaurant, Illegal Jacks.

The restaurant is very casual. You order at the bar, they assemble your food and take it back to a booth.

I am pretty happy to announce they sell Brew Dog and Carona beers to wash it down.

I had already decided I was going to get tacos. And since trying pizza with haggis, I made a note to myself to, whenever possible, take haggis as an option in any international themed food.

This photo does no justice

  The plate had so much heft as I carried it back to the table.

I decided to use my graphic design skills to show the side-view of said taco.

There's not much that goes into the making of a taco. But these ones were really good. The chili had a much drier consistency than I am used to- and it works! The haggis was wonderful. The small gripe was that the lettuce was a little wilty.

I ordered sour cream as a side, which went wonderfully.

S's Chili bowl also looked fantastic and he said it tasted it too.

I did manage to see another customers burrito being constructed, and all I can say is that the burrito is probably worth starving yourself for a while beforehand!

Will definitely be back for a on-the-go meal. I'm not convinced with the school-cafeteria style ordering, but I think as a fast, cheap eat, it takes a lot to beat this place.

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