Monday, 26 March 2012

Two Vegiful Dinners.

Feeling a bit blugh and bloaty? I have been... the easiest fix i know is getting as many doses of fruit and veg in as possible.

Last night, on the way home from the gym I ducked into the Co-Op very quickly, picked up an armful of salady bits and some tuna and headed home.

I threw together a salad containing baby leaf salad mix, finely sliced cabbage, celery, the tips of young brocolini and very finely diced shallot. I dressed it with extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and pear balsamic vinegar.

I wish I could be happy with just a green salad for dinner, but I can't. I'd be hungry in 15 minutes if I settled on a salad with no protein.

To a bowl I added tinned tuna steak, 2 tablespoons of whole-egg light mayo (light not by choice) some lemon juice and tobasco and mashed together.

I plated a good heap of salad then piled the tuna on top.

A very delicious dinner, and one I will be doing again.

I think the salad and dressing base would be great with just about any protein: chicken, fish, poached egg, roast veggies. Nummmmm.

Tonight's recipe came from ehhmmm, laziness and a want to not walk to the store to pick up any dinner.

I had some new potatoes and carrots which I left skin on and boiled till just ready. Then sat down to watch Come Dine With Me.

As the scores were given and show ended I made my way back to the kitchen to try to make a decision as to what I was going to do with my carrots and spuds!

I managed to scrape together chestnut mushrooms, spring onions, asparagus, parmesan and salami.

I sliced all these ingredients and shaved the parmesan, with the vague idea of a veggie fry up.  Heated some oil in the frypan, and added the mushrooms till they started to brown, then the stalks and tips of the asparagus and the salami for just a minute or 2. I then added the tatties and carrots which had cooled sufficiently to slice quite chunky, with the spring onion on a high heat, and waited till the tatties became brown and crunchy around the edges. Right before removing from the heat I added a generous amount of freshly ground pepper, salt and cajun mix.

I added a dollop of mayo to my plate, then scooped the contents out and topped with the shaved parmesan and some spring onion..

All the veg were cooked perfectly, the asparagus had a lovely crisp bite. The salami has become crisp and the tatties and mushroom had help their shape.

This was awesome. And got my five a day!

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