Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The next time I crave Potato Bake... (Roast Pork Loin w/ dauphinoise Potato)

I had had a craving for Potato Dauphinoise (Or pah-tay-dah bake as we call it back home) for days now... the niggling craving that never leaves your mind.

A clever move would have been to pick up a single serve potato bake from Tesco. No, I got home and decided that my tatties were to be accompanied by roast Pork Loin, roast veg, a sauce and broccoli. Oh no-one was home, just me. It just felt like the thing to do.

 I picked up a pork loin reduced to £2 from £8 (WHAT?!) At the Co-Op.
No real prep, just oiled up the pan, heavily seasoned with salt and pepper, threw in some chunky chopped carrots and shallots (skin on- TRUST ME).
 Here is my Dauphinoise in its embryonic stage: very thinly sliced new potatoes, thinly sliced onion and single cream to cover, plus a secret ingredient.
Add a bunch of cheese... pictured- cheddar and parmesan... and ground black pepper, and it's done.
 Oh... the secret ingredient? Vege soup mix. Mix it in with the cream. It is totally good. Seriously. Try it.

So I popped both trays into my preheated oven to 225C to give it an early blast of heat. I was really trying for crackle.

After 10 minutes I turned the heat down to 180.

 After 30 mins I came in to baste the mean and turn the veg.

Total time for the meat and veg was 45 mins with 15 minutes to rest (taking it out of the oven, covering in foil and wrapping in tea towels to hold in a bit of the heat. It stays warm anyway).

And here she is at full time.

Leaving the skins on the shallots and garlic is great... not just because do don't have to spend hours peeling them, but the insides still caramelise, but they don't burn. Thanks for the tip Jamie (Oliver).

 Just before the Tatties were finished and the meat had rested for about ten minutes, I made a cheat gravy of pan fried mushrooms, boiling water and gravy granules, white wine and cream; and briefly boiled my broc.
How I long for a gas stove top.

Cutting of the meat!
 The beautiful bake... pictured: where I mashed my fork in to have a taste before remembering to take a photo.
 Ta Dah!

Roasts are so easy! And including prep it took me 1 hour 20 total. (40 minutes I was sitting watching Come Dine With Me.

The meat was a tad overcooked for my liking, but I am funny with meat, and the lovely fat around the outside added to both flavour and texture.

I did manage the slightest crackle sliver on the very edge of the skin.

Needless to say I had seconds and now I have to write this horizontal in my bed, 'cause I can't move. Whoops.

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