Friday, 2 March 2012

Marks and Spencer Deli Butternut and Chilli Dip.

The Brits do so much food really well... not even kidding. The fruit and veg generally tastes better here, the meat is fantastic... though I have missed my dips. Chips (crisps) and dips. Have a wine: chips and dips, need a snack: chips and dips, just in from a night out: chips and dips.

I see so many varieties of hummus here, and a bit of tzatziki. But I just keep dreaming of the dips back home
Copperpot do wonderful dips, and this isn't even a quarter of their range.

On Coles' (Australian version of Sainsburys) website I was given a choice of 102 varieties of dip. This is one quarter of one of SIX pages!

So there was have it... I miss dip.

Have a bothered to make my own? No. Do I know how incredibly quick and easy is it to make dips? Yes. Do I have a blender? No.

I made either a foolish mistake, or a life changing choice the other day. I did my first grocery shop in M&S. For my Australian readers, I'm not sure if we have an M&S equivalent back home. It's like if David Jones had a very posh fresh food and deli attached. It's divine.

Low and behold, what did I find? Dips!

Certainly a few shy of 102. But proper dips. This one started me salivating as soon as I saw his name: Butternut and Chili.

This evening I grabbed myself some oatcakes (possibly the greatest dip/cheese accompaniment ever- thanks Scotland) and dived in.

Hello! Look at these colours. That orange, that's real butternut squash, spices and seasoned. That beautiful burnt red: chilli oil. Onions and peppers on top.

I am so happy to find this dip. I am surprised at how healthy it is. If I were to eat the hole pot (which may or may not have happened) it would still do less damage than the crisps that could have partnered it. (It's still a sometimes food.)

Cheese platters will come to life from here on out, I can feel it... and I do hope that M&S do more.

Oh Britain, you just make me feel more and more welcome everyday!

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