Sunday, 25 March 2012

Gu Puds: Key Lime Pie

I picked up these little puddings from The Co-Operative last week, just out of curiosity.
All I can say is OMIGOD! I honestly can't believe a pre-packaged dessert could be quite as special as these were.

Opening the box reveals 2 individual portions of key lime pie (in this case), in glass ramekins sealed in a foil lid.
After peeling the foil back, you are treated to a very velvety white cream-cheese top layer. Digging the spoon in, and withdrawing, you notice the trio of layers, the lovely biscuity base, the tart lime curd middle, topped off the the beautiful cloud of cream cheese on top.

The ratio of each was perfect, the tartness from the curd is quite striking initially, but is so quickly neutralised by the cream cheese. The base is just sweet enough, and retains it's own sense of texture.  MMmmmm.

Being a dessert, not surprisingly these aren't the healthiest treat ever (just undid my 40 mins of swimming on this one wee tub), but given that (and it's no REAL surprise) it's a beautiful after dinner snack, and I suppose the good thing is, that unlike, say, I full size lemon key pie, you are restricted to a single serving (unless you eat both), so I would call that completely justifyable.

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