Monday, 23 July 2012


I didn't do a great deal of eating on my recent trip to Yorkshire.

I focused mostly on Pickering and Whitby to catch up with some great friends I met at Download Festival back in June, but I did have an incredible time.

It really was a beautiful part of the world, and I really miss it already. I'm sure it was as much for the folk I was there with as the actual location.

There is nothing quite as amazing as being brought a huge plate of Chili a couple of drinks into a big session.
This particular batch I could smell brewing all morning, and it was spectacular. Thanks Mr J d'A.

I caught a steamtrain on the Moors Railway and tried some of the chocolates that I won at a raffle, well they were: amaziiinnggggg! It felt so ye olde country trip eating handmade chocolates on a steamtrain to the sea side.

Whitby was a lovely town, I was recommended by L and J d'A, and I'm so happy I discovered it. It is the setting for Bram Stokers Dracula, and it was so charming.

For dinner I ate in the hotel I was staying in, and it was a real surprise at how good it was. Starter of scallops with salsa verde. Cooked to absolute perfection, with a lovely tangy salsa and delicious salad.

 Being in a wee coastal town I had to have fish and chips, and again, such a surprise to have such great quality. Really light batter, lovely hand-cut chips and crushed peas.

 Whitby from the hotel window showing the abbey and the beach that Dracula's boat landed at (above) and (below) Whitby Abbey.

Back in Pickering I located the chocolatier which made the beautiful chocolates I had earlier and I was blown away with the Cakes in the window.

 And then I found pickled eggs, I honestly didn't think pickled eggs were a real thing, well maybe once but not anymore. I had to try...
What can I say- it takes very much like a boiled egg, with a very strong after taste of vinegar. But I can say now that I have tried one.

And that was my trip to Yorkshire. Can't wait to go back.

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