Monday, 9 July 2012

Yay Crispy Chips!

 There's a little bar not far from my place called Au Bar. It's not exceptional in any particular way, but it has outdoor tables and it's close.

Recently D and I popped in for a bite to eat. It was 2-4-1 tuesday. We both had fish and chips and it was really great.

D and I caught up again for a drink and a bite to eat and we went back to give them another try.

I was VERY hungry and we decided to share 2 starters.

The nachos were really good! The chili was delicious and a good amount of cheese, and the chips stayed crunchy all the way to end. Served with soured cream, extra jalepinos and salsa.
 Haggis balls! They were outstanding, they came presented in a poppadom and were served with a mild curry sauce, which unexpectedly- worked really well.
 So I was actually really full by this point, and I had ordered a burger which turned out to be huge: I also added bacon, double cheese and pineapple. The burger was pretty damn good. And the chips were crispy- the chips were perfect!

So yet again, Au Bar came through. Well done Au Bar, I will be back.

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