Monday, 23 July 2012

STEAK Edinburgh

For my Edinburgh birthday (not to be confused with my London birthday, more than one for 30, surely), I had decided to try a fairly new face in the Edinburgh food scene: Steak. Aye, it's just called Steak, they specialise in steak. It was even more exciting for me, as fellow Edinburgh foodies had let me know how much they have enjoyed their experiences there.

After some initial confusion with out booking (apparently all the booking for that night had been wiped, but we still got in) we were shown through to the bar.

The first thing I have to say, is that this restaurant is striking, really striking. It's modern, but still welcoming, the lighting is gentle and flattering, it's different to anything I have experienced.

The cocktails we had were amazing. Myself and Sir S indulged in French Martinis, they were super lush.

The menu is sensational, catering for Steak eaters and their less-steaky friends.

For a starter I chose the pork terrine, with scallop and pork scratchings, it was without fault, I was moved. The scallop was cooked to perfection, the balence of flavours on the plate was inspired. The serving size was ideal, and at this point, before even seeing anything that once moo'd, I knew this was going to be a really special experience.

I love a plate like this, that presents as pretty but in no way pretentious.

A really lovely touch was our introduction to the types of steak available, I think most of us had an idea of the who's who of steaks, but still, a really lovely extra.

As for the steak. Of course I was going to get a steak, the trouble I had was WHICH to get... There was a 600gm T-Bone (apparently to share??) which caught my eye, but then Mr N asked if anyone would like to share the Beef Wellington, and that just sounded poetically perfect to me.

I have never had a Beef Wellington before... I think mostly cause I have heard of so many poor-to-average Beef Wellington stories. The idea, the elements get me salivating at the thought.

So we were set with that, then we had to choose the sides. I wanted everything, and I'm not even kidding. Go have a look at the menu link and have a look at the sides, they all sound great! S and I chose to go halves in a few sides, sweetcorn fritters, peas and bacon and a serve of triple cooked chips each.

And then... it arrived, to be carved at the table, it was... was... it was so beautiful.

We ordered it rare, and so glad we did, it was- well just look at, look at how it is retaining every drip of juiciness, not a sign of sogginess in the pastry. I ordered pepper sauce to go with it, but it really felt blasphemous to to anything to shadow the flavours.

I did use the sauce to dip with the chips.

The sides... I must really apologise I didn't take photos of the sides, but I can honestly say, they stood for themselves as outstanding supporting acts.

Okay- the peas and bacon: I though that sounded nice- it has bacon, it must be okay- MY GOODNESS what a knockout! The peas were served in a delicious cream with chunks of bacon throughout- the cream. How can cream make everything so smashing?

The sweetcorn fritters were of equal impressiveness, sweet and salty in every mouthful. They were unusual, but perfect.

The chips were also of the very highest level.

I told my friends who joined me, that eating here at Steak was a more emotive experience than that of Gordon Ramsays. That comment was greeted waith gasps of shock, but it certainly is not saying that Ramsays wasn't incredible, but that Steak was AS incredible.

Dessert: could we fit it in: no. Did we order dessert anyway: yes!

Was it perfection: yah huh!

Crepes Suzette...

This, I think, is my new favourite restaurant... possibly ever. 

Steak is steak. Great steak is hard to find. Perfectly cooked steak will bring a tear to my eye and warm every part of my body. Steak Edinburgh did it!

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  1. You had a Party in your Mouth! Cant believe you didnt tell them that! As always a great review!