Saturday, 28 July 2012

Italian Lunch- Vittoria

 Miss K has been trying to get back to Vittoria on leith walk since her last visit, I had seen her pics and was more than happy to accompany her.

As soon as we were seated in a lovely outside table, I boldly ordered us a pitcher of Cosmopolitans. Tart and tangy, a perfect aparatif.

The menu was truly inspired, with a huge selection of Italian favourites. It was a very vast menu, with around 5 pages of selection to choose from. Fortunately I was in a very decisive mood and made my selections.

For a starter I chose mussels done in tomato and garlic.

Now, since I have been over here, my love for mussels has never feigned, every time I have had them they have been lovely in white wine and cream, so I was interested to see what they'd be like done differently. They were heavenly, more gutsy than the usual cream base, great quality mussels too.

 For main, I was taken with the veal, topped with parma ham and mozzarella with sauteed potatos. This was a beautifully rustic dish. Aesthetically I just wanted to put it all in my mouth, and fast.

The sauteed potatos were incredible, so beautifully flavoured. So soft in the middle and perfectly al dente on the edges.

The side veggies were a masterpiece: Cooked and seasoned to perfection.
 The veal looked amazing, though just too overcooked. This could have been one of the nicest lunches I had ever tried, but that one small fact that the meat was dry was such a shame.

 For dessert, a wee scoop of pistachio ice cream. Unfortunately it had ice crystals through it. Otherwise it would have been fine. Another disappointing thing that happened with dessert is K and I ordered 3 scoops to share (and ordering 3 scoops in one bowl is cheaper than ordering a bowl with 1 scoop and a bowl with 2). We mentioned to the waiter that we were intending to share, and very politely he asked if we'd prefer separate bowls, and we thought that was very sweet. However, when we got the bill, we had been charged as two desserts.
My ice cream and Ameretto.

Overall, this was a really nice experience though, I think it has the potential to be great. It is not a cheap place to eat, so great is what I'd really hope to get next time. There will be a next time, and I look forward to seeing how they go.

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