Saturday, 28 July 2012

Posh Fish and Chips

 When I checked the weather forecast and I saw sunny, I knew I was going to head to the beach.
Miss K and I got in the car and headed to North Berwick, just outside of Edinburgh for some fresh air, sun, fish and chips and shopping.

 First and foremost on our minds was lunch. My housemate had recommended the Lobster Shack on the Harbour, but as we were headed there we passed a restaurant called the Rocketeer which had a great looking menu, and outdoor tables. (Also owned by the same company)
 So our drinks arrived in plastic cups, which I thought was gorgeous and gave us an idea of what we could expect- that is, traditional fish and chips in a restaurant setting.
 Miss K and I ordered the same thing, prawn and crab cocktail, and half a lobster with garlic and herb butter with chips and salad..
 We had them all come out at the same time, and they all looked divine. I love the cardboard box. The lobster meat was ever-so-slightly overcooked in the tail, but the meat in the claw was melt in the mouth.

The chips were genuinely tasty, really home-made, potato-y flavour! The salad was lovely too, no iceberg lettuce in sight (a real pet hate of mine).

 The cocktail was fantastic! A tonne of prawn and crab meat. Lovely velvety Marie Rose sauce. You just can't beat a prawn cocktail, in my humble opinion.

 He was so tasty, and good looking.

Regarding the service at the Rocketeer. Well, not entirely impressed. The lass serving looked either bothered or flustered the whole time. I was appauled when we were waiting to get the bill, and noticed she excused herself from a table ordering to answer her phone. Busy or no- that's not okay, there's causal dining, then there is sloppy service.

After lunch we got an S.Luca ice cream from the van on the beach. It was my first taste of a Luca ice cream, and it was sensational. Starwberry ice cream that tasted like strawberries, tasted home made even. My new favourite discovery.

The weather was sensational, and North Berwick was a really lovely town to wander around. If only we had more sunny days up here in Scotland, I could really get used to beach days!

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