Sunday, 8 July 2012

Harrods Food Hall

 I love food shopping. Seriously. I really enjoy it. But Sainsburys or even M&S have nothing on a trip to the Harrods food hall.

When I was 17 Mum and Dad took My Brother and I on a trip to UK and Europe, and on that trip I think we came to Harrods, but I have no familiar memories of it. Harrods was a must do for me this time round.

I thought it was going to be impressive, but impressive is such an understatement! It was eye-popping to see what they had there.

I have to say, the service as well, was so friendly and helpful, we were asked if we'd like to try before we bought, at the Biltong and Jerky area we were actually given samples of 3 different kinds before we decided. The staff were just a part of the experience. The seafood section, the chap was even more amazing and helpful, when I said I wouldn't be home for a few hours, he seals all my seafood, and bags of ice, double and triple wrapped my purchases. Just so lovely.

So join me on a walking tour of my version of heaven.

Marzipan Fruit (my dad's fave)

Macaroons or Macarons (depending on who you ask)
Sushi Bar (The restaurants inside Harrods were extraordinarily expensive)
Biltong and other dehydrated meats

Terrines and pates

The absolutely gorgeous fresh pasta


Beautiful, beautiful olives

Continental Sausages


Cheese, glorious cheese


Japanese counter


Yep, just like it says

My favourites!

Just like the ones from back home!!

So proud of our beef farmers

Was tempted...

Sorely tempted

bunny :(

Scotland is represented too

Caviar and Champagne bar

Jam with glitter and sparkling water with Swarovski Crystals... oooh

So we ended up buying some things, I could leave without some of those beautiful prawns and massive oysters

Shucked them all by myself. They were huge and delicious

Note- their eyes look a little frizzed, but that's only cause I had to carry them around with me, they were actually perfectly fresh!

Handsome buggers

They were pretty big mind

Some bits and bobs we picked up to take to the cricket with us.
I think I can safely say that I am quite happy I don't live within walking distance of Harrods, or I would do all my food shopping there. Their prices aren't as crazy as you might expect, they're the price of good quality produce and not a great deal of markup that I can see.

It was definitely one of my favourite parts of this trip to London.

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