Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Dominos Cheap Tuesday.

$5.90 Value range and $7.90 Traditional Range... It's cheap tuesday!

So we order our pizzas at 6.15 for a 6.45pm pickup, ordered online- a veg on thin $7.90, a ham and pineapple $5.90 on gluten free (plus $2.95) and a designa with prawns and double mozzarella $7.90 on gluten free (plus $2.95).

All my praises go to Dominos for introducing Gluten Free bases, even at $3extra, this is a dream for me.

We get to Dominos at 6.48 and I am told they are not ready yet, I wait about 2 mins then my name is called out across the counter, I pay my money and check the pizzas in the car. (You're crazy if you don't).

I can tell by the look of the cheese that these had been ready for quite a while, so my hypothesis is that although we ordered them for 6.45, they made them straight away and kept them til we arrived.

We get the pizzas home and tuck in.

Immediately, I am jealous of J's veg pizza, it looks and smells amazing.

 My ham and pineapple, a favorite classic, has plenty of ham and juicy pineapple. The gluten free base is slightly dryer than normal bases, but with the sauce and the pineapple, this pizza is balanced out nicely.

 So my $2 extra for my prawns got me 6 prawns. The cheese on this one was very plasticy and with the slight extra dryness of the base, it was a very mediocre pizza indeed.

So... as usual, you get what you pay for. We ate wayyyy to much, it tasted okay, and there's leftovers for next day lunch. It's no Italian pizza by a long sht- still.

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  1. That's what you get for ordering Dominos from anywhere other than the Virginia, QLD store - their pizzas are always gourmet for some strange reason. They NEVER disappoint.