Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Bruno's Borgo Antico

Friday night was catch up night for myself and two of my good friends that I have known forever.

Being new to the Sunshine Coast, I have not yet had a chance to familiarise myself with the best local restaurants, so I was over the moon when Ms S recommended Bruno's Borgo Antico at Currimundi..

Apparently, this quaint Italian family owned business has been on the coast for ever and ever and reviews on the internet indicate why it's managed to stick around when other eateries are dropping like flies.

Upon entry, I get an immediate feeling of comfort and hominess. Only about 12 tables ensures an intimate evening.

BYO is always a great option to have, and I have with me a lovely Marlborough Sav Blanc.

Mr D orders a garlic pizza bread, and one of the daily specials of deep fried, crumbed avocado and prosciutto parcels for him and the missus to share, but they assure me I can also share. I order a half dozen oysters au naturale.

The pizza bread is garlicy, and fresh. A good size for 3 people to share.

My oysters are divine. Absolutely fresh. Oysters can be a risk when ordering from somewhere you have never eaten at before- but Bruno's have most certainly passed the lovely oyster test.

The remaining entree was the parcels. Not much to look at, but the flavour was so fresh, so simple. The crispy crumbed coating, warm, creamy perfectly ripe avocado, and salty cured pork.

Like in Italy, where simplicity has been perfected, this short list of simple ingredients, cooked just right has become just a perfect little dish.

Ms S, who has been eating here since childhood ordered a small ham pizza. It was a good size for a main for one, and I was really impressed with the amount of topping.

Despite being a very simple pizza, once again the quality of the ingredients and how well it has been cooked just made it really lovely and a divine smokey flavour really added an extra dimension. I will be ordering pizza next time I come.

 Mr D's ravioli. I didn't try this one, but it looked lovely.

Now we get to my main.

I was happy when researching this place, gluten-free options were available. The waitress had indicated that most of the mains were no-to-low gluten and I had made an early choce of steak with prawns and cream sauce.

As we were ordering, the waitress informed us that they did indeed have some gluten free pasta available, and just like that, steak was forgotten, Fusilli Marinara was coming.

I did think to myself that Fusilli was an unusual pasta to be hand-made in gluten free

Beautiful big prawns, it looked lovely.

But my heart sunk. It was packet pasta.

I enjoyed this meal, it had lovely flavour, just seafood, quality olive oil, garlic and seasoning, but packet pasta. Still now I just feel a twang of dsappointment.

Bruno's has that wonderful feeling of being served by close friends, with a lovely atmosphere and only about a km from my house.

Will I be back- hell yes. Everything was spot on... well almost everything.

Bruno's Borgo Antico

07 5493 1806

725 Nicklin Way



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