Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Foods that I have grown to love... or moved away from.

I got to thinking today, as I peeled the foil off my yoghurt and went in for a big lick... I used to HATE licking yoghurt lids, the slightly congealed nature of the yoghurt on the foil would turn my stomach, but now, I look forward to it, and extra treat, and feel especially youthful as I walk out of the kitchen wiping a big blog of white off my nose.

What changes about us in regards to taste? Or, what about us or our environments changes our tastes?

I feel myself moving away from blue cheese lately, in fact I will almost always opt for milder flavour over a strong mature cheese. Why now? I'm not pregnant, and no more hormonal than any other time I can think of.

I remember when I was a child, at one stage I developed an obsession with scrambled eggs done in the microwave. I was very young but I was allowed to make this my myself. So one day, after many days of scrambled eggs, I was rather sick after a hearty serve. Needless to say it took me years to have eggs again.

I've done the same with milk, bourbon, and was put off lamb for a good few years after an unpleasantly strong piece of perhaps-too-old lamb was served to me.

But it doesn't just take a violent evacuation to bring on the magnetic reversal.

I've always been very proud to announce that there's no food I don't like. Offal is fine, all veggies are delicious in my eyes, any fish or seafood is a treat, I grew to love coriander and the same with ginger. But despite that, my preferences consistently change in an almost tidal way, today I like this, next week maybe not so much so.

What foods did you used to like but not anymore? Or used to despise but now can't get enough of? And do you know what brought on the change in you?

I would love to hear.

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