Thursday, 14 June 2012

Maison Bleue

Yesterday I was lucky enough to watch the Olympic Torch as it arrived into Edinburgh Castle. The torch moment was brilliant and inspiring; the two and a half hour corporate-sponsored farce prior was a disgrace, and took us well past dinner time.

So as us and the thousands of others left the Castle, we ventured towards the Grassmarket, but opened the door to the first restaurant we found, tempted by the sign out the front advertising 2 courses for £12- Maison Bleue.

We took a seat in the lovely bar area while they got our table ready, and as we were seated, inquired into the special, we were told unfortunately that it finished at 6pm, but decided to stay anyway.

The decor was luxurious and quiet, which is always lovely in a restaurant. The menu was french, as per the name, and was really varied with something to suit most tastes. I chose the 3 courses for £25.

To start was a Camembert fondue, a rich tangy molten Camembert served in a pastry cup with 2 pieces of toasted french bread and a dressed leaf salad. It was so indulgent and divine, but I was happy there was leftover bread from the bread basket as the cheese to bread ratio was well out. Apart from this: totally delicious starter.

From the menu I had already decided on the rib filet, that is, until the waiter told me about the fish of the day: Sea bass with cream and garlic, fennel, prawns and rice. With his accent and inheriently better use of adjectives than myself, I was struggling to keep my jaw off the table and ordered it.

It was light, the fish was perfectly cooked, the skin crisp, each flavour delicate enough to balance the plate while still bold enough to hold its own. This was a truly spectacular main.

For dessert there was no other choice: if there is sticky toffee pudding on the menu it's all I can choose (I even discarded the cheese plate for it). I loved it, it was thick and dense and a little crisp around the edges, bathing in a poole of lovely sweet toffee sauce. The perfect amount of ice cream balancing out perfectly.

The staff were lovely, professional while still being chatty. The ambiance- perfect.

For a restaurant that I had never heard of before, and stumbled upon purely by chance, my heart has been taken by it. I will most certainly be back, and will be sure to recommend it to anyone who asks.

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