Sunday, 27 May 2012

Egg Does not A Breakfast Make

Sun poring through the windows.

Sunday morning cooking shows on the telly.

A lovely fresh brunch was calling.

Although slightly disheartened by the fact I had no eggs in the larder, I wasn't going to let this stop me making a delicious brunch. I did however have some lovely fresh organic veg from the wonderful Edinburgh Farmers' Markets, and what more do you need then some wonderful produce and a spark of inspiration.

I started mb head-and-tailing some green beans and slicing some white cabbage.

To a non-stick fry pan (my favourite everything pan) I added rapeseed oil and just 2 drops of my newest discovery, Uncle Roy's Garlic Essence Concentrate.

While doing this, I put 2 slices of gluten free brown bread into the toaster. I always double toast my bread to make it really crunchy.

Once the pan was hot I added my beans and cabbage, and seasoned immediately with freshly ground pepper and salt and tossed constantly.

While sizzling away I tasted the beans frequently to make sure they didn't get over cooked and also adjust seasoning, at this stage I added some lemon juice to cut through the strong oil and garlic flavours.

When they were almost ready, I re-toasted my bread and quartered 4 beautiful ripe, vine plum tomatoes and added them to the pan then removed from the heat.

Toast on the plate and a hearty amount of butter, then veg on the toast and topped with Parmesan, a bit more salt and pepper, and wah-lah... a stunning, crisp, fresh flavoured brunch. This one will be one to remember.

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