Friday, 4 May 2012

Passorn: Angelic Thai Dining in Tollcross

K, St and I went to the cinema to watch Avengers Assemble (which, for the record, I found quite average) and afterwards we were keen for some dinner. We didn't know where we were going to go, or even what we wanted we just thought we would try our luck in Tollcross.

After a few places being closed (about 5 actually) I remembered a lovely Thai place I had tried last year and lead our crew to where I thought it was... well it wasn't there, but K lead us down a small alleyway and presto, Passorn was right in front of us.

We were only having mains, which is a really hard thing to do when Passorn offer such a beautiful starters menu.

I ordered a number 23. Pad Normai Fa rang
- A light stir-fry of asparagus ,baby corn and perfumed mushrooms in oyster sauce with Monkfish £17.95 and coconut rice £2.95

This is the same dish I had the last time I came here, and it is really lovely. Only the second time I have tried Monkfish, and it is just as excellent as the first time. It's quite a different fish by way of texture and taste, impossible to describe, but funny to think that something so wonderful can come out of something to ugly.

So from that to this:

 The vegetables were perfectly fresh and cooked to retain the crispness. The meat may have been cooked 20 seconds too long, but still presented beautiful flavour and was certainly bold enough to balance against the quite strong mushrooms and the lovely asparagus and baby corn.

The coconut rice was a perfect compliment to this dish.

 St had ordered the numbered the Duck in batter and tamerind sauce, number 19 Ped Ma Kahm £13.95.
The duck was lovely and moist and although the batter wasn't as crispy as it could have been, it was a sensational dish. St ordered the sticky rice with his dish.

 K's curry looked beautiful. A number 15. Kaeng Phed Ped Yang £13.95. Duck curry with cherry tomatoes, grapes and sweet basil in a red curry sauce.

The curry 'gravy' was totally drinkable, and the unusual additions of cherry tomato and grape added a freshness and cut through the creaminess of the sauce. K had the coconut rice as her side.

The service and the restaurant itself are really lovely and friendly, the food is exceptional. Totally recommend.

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