Sunday, 8 January 2012

Visitors From Home (makes me feel like tourist)

I love Edinburgh, and I love showing my friends from back home around Edinburgh (also cause it let's me be a tourist again.) The other great thing about having visitors is the excue to eat out!

We went for a visit to Glasgow and used the experience to top up on mych needed Japanese, of which I ALWAYS have cravings for.

On the first night we ate at Ichiban, a place we discovered off a tourist map, it served Japanese, and it was close- so it ticked all the boxes.

On walking in, the bright-lights and cafeteria style tables and benches did nothing for the atmosphere, neither did the 60inch tv on the walls showing the news, but dispite all this, it was still pleasant enough inside.

We were actually quite overwhelmed but the menu, and after ordering wine and a sushiplatter to share, it took us quite a while to decide, but the waitresses were lovely, and didn't mind giving us all the time we needed.

Our sushi platter was fresh and delicious, and we were really impressed with the variety.

For our main we EVENTUALLY decided on Bento boxes each. H chose the duck, and I had a seafood combination.

The gyoza were amazing, the mains were lovely, and I loved the accompaniments. Ichiban Sushi & Noodle Bar Glasgow

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