Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Sunday Lunch (The Australian Way)

The last time my friends B&A had be over for lunch, they introduced me to their Polish heritage. This sunday, having them as guests at mine, I thought I'd show then a fairly typically Australian Sunday lunch.

Another steak post.

If you have read my other steak post, I have based this lunch on the premise of that- Steak, Salad and Potato. But it's such a perfect combination.

I started with my meat, 2 pieces of sirloin and 1 of rib eye which i let come to room temperature (which was a measly 6deg) and marinated the steaks in cracked pepper and olive oil.

The salad was a rocket leaf mix, celery, shallot, pine nuts, avocado, nectarine, sun-blushed tomato which I dressed with a pear balsamic vinegar, and olive oil.

The baby potatoes I boiled skin on in heavily salted water and chili flakes. And I made a spicey mushroom cream sauce by sauteing mushrooms and red chillies then mixing in single cream. It was quite hot but very delicious.

As A is one of the most amazing cake makers I have ever met, I chose a cheese board for dessert. As I hadn't been to the shops, it was quite a simple cheese board, but still a tasty mix of Arran Chedder, Jarlsberg, a mild chedder, a chicken liver pate, caramelised onions, and grapes. I served these with oat cakes.

The lunch was great, B&A enjoyed it thouroughly. They were surprised at how big the lunch was, but couldn't believe how good they felt afterwards.

As a belated Christmas present they bought me the most amazing hamper of Polish sweets, treats and snacks. I have already started on it... they're amazing!

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