Thursday, 26 January 2012

Fishers, The Shore

Lunch yesterday was ay Fishers, The Shore. I walked down the waterfront, studying the menus in windows as I went. It was cold and wet and I really wanted something lovely and warm, and Fishers looked the most inviting.

The interior of the restaurant was warm and inviting with a nautical theme, and as I was the first in the restaurant I had my choice of tables. I chose a lovely table by the window, and had bread immediately brought to my table (bread baskets will be the demise of my attempt at a wheat free diet).

The bread was divine, and I had no self control to speak of as my hand was bread basket-to-mouth the whole time I perused the menu.

I ordered a South African Sav Blanc £4.95 and my starter of Grilled Oysters with parmesan, cream and parma ham £7.95and main of Fillet of Hake from Fraserburgh with roast butternut squash, chorizo & feta salad with roast red pepper aioli £14.95.

The oysters were brought out after a short amount of time and looked amazing! I was very surprised to have 5 oysters as a starter. The oysters were served on a full sized dinner plate with a rocket salad, and were creamy and tasted very fresh. The parmesan/butter/cream was to die for, and i thoroughly enjoyed dunking my bread in the remainder left in the shells. I found the ham over cooked, was too crispy to actually get a fork through and had that kind of powdery-ness that crispy bacon can get. The rocket wasn't dressed, but oil and balsamic were on the table, so you could self-dress. Overall apart from the powdery ham, this starter was as good as they come.

My main came out shortly after my plate was whisked away.  Visually it was stunning. (My camera is sick and at the Doctors'. Ie returned to Olympus to be repaired, otherwise there would be lovely food photos here.) The colours were stunning, from the bright gold of the squash, the salmon tones of the aioli, the burnt umber of the charred fish contrasting against the creamy white of the flesh, the rich forest greens of the salad, it was aesthetically stunning.

The roast squash had a beautiful caramelised sweetness and was so full of flavour. The Hake ( a fish I had never previously tried) was a subtle flavoured fish, which was initally dry, but only around the first edge, once I reached the more uniform section of flesh it was cooked perfectly. The chorizo was flavoursome and not too spicy, as some chorizos can be, and I find can overtake other flavours. As you may be noting by now there were A LOT of flavours on the plate... I haven't even discussed the feta, roast tomatoes, salad leaves or pepper aioli yet, and this was my only complaint. Individually each ingredient was done just about to perfection, but the combination of all of these strong flavours was rather overwhelming to the taste buds. I frequently required 'bread-breaks' to neutralise my palette.

Overall, a really really good lunch. The service was second-to-none. And it's lovely as a lone-diner to still receive all the attention of a full table of diners.

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