Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A Very Tasty Breakfast

MMMMMMMM This was a very light and tasty brekky I made yesterday. I had lovely organic eggs from the Edinburgh Farmers' Markets and Jarlsberg left over from the Cheese Platter I made Sunday Lunch (post to come), and so I put together this beautiful breakfast.

In short: it's scrambles on toast, but the menu name would be creamy herbed organic scrambled eggs with rocket, jarlsberg and sunblushed tomatoes on gluten-free wholegrain toast.

The eggs turned out beautifully cooked long and on a low heat ( as per Heston's advice) using left over herbed butter i had from Sunday's lunch and a blob of double cream, with lots of lovely fresh cracked pepper.

I really do love breakfast, but so often feel 'glugged' down for the rest of the day. A breakfast like this, to me is perfect, warm and filling but not 'heavy'. This is the kind of breakfast I'd love to have on the menu of my dream deli-cafe.

Yes I have used the crusts of the loaf here- were still super tasty.

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