Sunday, 22 October 2017

Super Rooster

B and I (B has now been my boyfie for four months), made a trip up the ranges to Toowoomba last weekend. B is from Toowoomba and his mother still lives up there.

It was only a short overnight trip, but one thing B said we simply had to do was visit Super Rooster. It had been his favourite since he was young, and said they have "best chips in the world".

According to their web site, they have been doing what they do for over thirty years, and now have three stores across Toowoomba.

When we arrive, the place does feel very... original.

B suggests we both get a chicken burger and chips. I am starving so I ask to upgrade my chips to a large, B raises his eyebrows in disbelief, "I can do it, I'm really hungry" I plead. I also ask for a gravy and pineapple fritter.

A short amount of time later and our meal is ready. It's raining outside so we sit in the restaurant to eat.

Firstly.. the chips are excellent, really well cooked, perfectly seasoned and hot, really hot. The gravy is, of course, a perfect accompaniment.

The burger looks simple, and there is nothing wrong with simple. A bun, lettuce, mayo and chicken. The chicken is an actual breast fillet, crumbed and deep fried. This burger was beautiful. The chicken breast, again was hot, really hot, food nearly never comes out really hot. It has great flavour as well and it's moist. My only critique was that I felt this burger could have benefited from cheese... but I think everything is better with cheese.

I finish the burger and most of the chips, B helps me with the last few. The pineapple fritter, though small, is a lovely ending to the meal.

I can see what this chicken place has been around for three decades, they do it simple and they do it well. Well done Super Rooster.

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