Thursday, 14 December 2017

Buroughs of NY Pizza

I ate here once and had a great experience. So this weekend, myself and the boyf decided to get an 18" takeaway. This is where it's gets tricky.

We were overjoyed when we discovered we could order online... Big tick. 

The ordering process was smooth, but at the end of the order we wait for order to be accepted... and wait... and wait. Then as the order was sent to the restaurant, we got an email saying the order didn't go through and our card was not charged. All good... We tried again.

Order placed again, 18" Philly Cheesesteak pizza, 10% off for first order saving us almost $5 off our $45 pizza. But alas same result, same email.

We then receive a call from a woman from the restaurant, "we don't have the ingredients for your pizza, order hasn't gone through."

No apologies, no would you like to try something else? .. Instead. Just a sharp short response. Oh and that our card HAD been charged and it'll take 48 hours to be refunded.


So $90 in the hole, we go back back to the menu, decide on the Liberty Supreme and call through the order this time. She remembers us, but still just as short and unresponsive.

On the plus side, it was to be ready in fifteen minutes.

We decide that despite our ordering woes, that we will judge the pizza on the pizza's merit only and head off to pick it up 

I get there, and announce that I have a pick up under the name we gave, and I am ignored. Okay...

They then ask if the liberty supreme was mine. I say yes and proceed to pay.

I ask if because I initially tried to order online if I'm still entitled to the ten percent off. I might as well have asked in another language with the looks I was given. Eventually a gentleman in a chef's coat agrees, I thank them, pay and walk out.

The pizza box is huge, and I forget all the troubles til that point...

Until I look at my receipt, I have been charged full price. Good.

I get back to the car and the pizza does smell great.

Once home we tuck in.

The base and sauce were EXCELLENT! However that's where it stops, the best I can say is "meh". The toppings were just really underwhelming. Maybe a Margarita pizza is the way to go? They are substantially cheaper 

I don't want to be a whinging Wendy, but the whole experience was just so disappointing.

I had recommended this place to alot of friends, however I can't say I will any longer.

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