Tuesday, 1 August 2017

NKB Express

I can't remember how I first stumbled across NKB. I was working at Indooroopilly and I may have walked past it, or possibly had been recommended it, in either case, it has become a real special place for me for years now.

Located on the corner, across from the train station, in a building with a Bunnings Hardware is the most perfect little 1950's diner. It has the 1950's tunes, it has booths, its just exactly how I imagine it would be back then.

picture courtesy of theweekendedition.com.au

In my visits over the years, the one thing I can really stand by is the consistency of the food. I have had some so-so interactions with the staff in the past (they've been just lovely lately), but the burgers, sides and drinks are always exceptional.

This Saturday morning, B and I needed to carbo-load before a big day and night of bands and beers at Dead of Winter festival.

As we head in, we order 2 iced lattes and peruse the menu. Every time I come in, I need to reassess the menu because it is actually quite diverse, with burgers, dogs, bagels waffles and sides, as well as weekly specials.

At first I think I want a burger, then waffles, but B and I decide to share one of the weekly specials of the Rockefeller Burger as well as one of the Soho bagels, a vegetarian option with slow roasted mushroom, sun-dried tomato tepenade, grilled zucchini, and wilted spinach, to this we add Swiss cheese. We decide that we MIGHT like to have a dessert waffles after, so we hold off on getting a side.

The burger and bagel come out and both look so amazing. We cut each in half and share between ourselves.

The first bite into the bagel is amazing, beautifully sof,t fresh bagel, with the rich but fresh flavours of the mushroom and zucchini. The addition of the Swiss was a great choice. It was a really, really great bagel.

The Rockefeller looks amazing, and it IS amazing, beef pattie, cheese, bacon, pickles and slaw. To bite into this burger is just amazing, it had everything I love about a Hungry Jacks (Burger King) Whopper with Cheese. It was meaty, and cheesy and creamy but crunchy with the slaw and the bacon. This burger, in my opinion should be a standard menu item.

Rockefeller dissection

Soho dissection

We were right, we did want a dessert waffle, and after having it once previously, I suggest the Harlem waffle, with salted caramel sauce and home made vanilla ice cream.

This is one of my favouite things in this, or ANY menu. Going halvsies proves to be the perfect amount. Freshly made waffles with the creamiest ice cream you'll ever try. If for no other reason, come to NKB for the waffles. But, in seriousness, you should probably also try the burgers, the shakes, the onion rings, the bagels, the fries, oh the loaded fries, the sodas... I could go on.

Address: 100 Coonan St, Indooroopilly QLD 4068

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