Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Blackbird Bar and Grill

My new gentleman friend B wanted to take me out for my birthday in early July and suggested Blackbird Bar and Grill on Eagle Street Pier. I had eaten there before and loved it. It also has the most beautiful outlook so it seemed like a perfect birthday date place.

B is also who suggested I should start blogging again, so thank you B for the inspiration.

It was State of Origin decider night in Brisbane, and it was a home game, (Rugby League to those not in the know. Me, I just don't really care), so hair curled, dressed up, fur on, and I make my way to Eagle Street Pier on Brisbane river to meet up with my beau.

We begin the night with a drink overlooking the river, in this case a dry, dirty vodka martini... very dirty. One of the loveliest outlooks from a bar in Brisbane.

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We make our way inside and are shown to a gorgeous table by the window.

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A peruse of the menu left us in awe. The first time I dined here, myself and guest shared a selection of entrees and starters. The second time was a work do with a set menu. But blackbird is renowned for is meat selection as well as excellent seafood.

My partner does not eat seafood, but was very happy for me to indulge, so I started with oysters, one of each available. Served with a red wine vinaigrette and lemon, all three were fresh and divine, the smallest being the sweetest and most delicious.

For starter I choose the kingfish carparccio with toasted pinenuts and blood orange, B selects the beetroot and goats cheese royale with crushed broad beans and ash lavosh.

My kingfish was outstanding, fresh and delicious, and the blood orange contrasted beautifully with the earthy savoury of the pinenuts and the sweetness of the fish.

B's royale was not only aesthetically beautiful but a subtle, earthy delight. The royale was almost a savoury panacotta, and when paired with each different element on the plate provided a different flavour pattern. B's only complaint was that he wished he had two of the lavosh.

For mains I really wanted to try the steak, but I couldn't resist the suckling pig roast with black pudding, golden sultanas, caramelized onion and chickpea puree. B opts or the Pan fried potato gnocchi with roasted zucchini, squash, fresh curd, caper and raisin dressing

To drink with our mains, I have another martini and B orders another beer. I love martinis.

My pork is to DIE FOR! Moist and rich and flavourful. The black pudding was incredible and worked so well with the pork, the sultanas and sultana puree provided a beautiful sweetness against all the rich meat. The chickpea puree was quite full on, but the little chickpea "popcorns" atop the puree were excellent and provided a beautiful crunch. We decided against ordering sides, and I don't think we needed them at all.

B loved every bite of his gnocchi. I was very jealous of the tempura zucchini flower!

We decided against dessert, and instead decided to retire back to the balcony bar for a Balvenie 21 y.o. whisky as a digestif.

Once again, Blackbird exceeded expectations. Many thanks to B and to Blackbird.

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