Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Sunny Edinburgh Lunching

As what I consider a 'local' of Edinburgh now, I have subscribed to the if-it's-sunny-you-damn-well-get-outside- and yesterday it felt like summer!

I hastily completed my chores and looked for somewhere in the sun to enjoy my own company and some vitamin D intake.

I had been looking forward to trying Mussel Inn on Rose Street but I was informed that at 3.05 the kitchen was closed.
I wandered up to George Street and saw that there were some wonderfully sunny table vacant at Centrotre AND they were serving food.

A perfectly summery drink: a Hendriks, cucumber and tonic.
It took me an absolute lifetime to make up my mind of their spectacular menu, literally dozens of options I would have been happy with. But the mussels with tomato, garlic and chilli got me, I ordered a large at £13.95 and a side of hand-cut chips.

My goodness when it was placed in front of me it just looked so wholesome, and hearty and Italian!
The mussels were sweet and plump and the sauce was so lovely for dipping, it was nothing short of perfect!

The chips I shared with Mr S, as the poor chap (who wasn't eating) had to watch me demolish this feast of the sea. Bless his patience. The tomatoes were beautifully rich and juicy and sweet- ripe to perfection, and the chilly added flavour rather than heat.

The chips were a solid 6.5/10 (But I am such a harsh critic of chips).
After (late) lunch we took a walk to Stockbridge for a drink then I decided I desperately required pudding, and so to 52 Canoes we headed.

Great Quote
I kind of had it in my head before I got there what I wanted. The rum and banana loaf. I have had it before and it was pretty good, but I felt it could be perfect. So I got my cogs spinning and decided that to offset the crumbly nature of the loaf I was going to douse it in Malibu.

I did this and it was good but just too boozy, due to the fact it already has dark rum on it, and now and extra 20 mL of Malibu. So I asked for a pot of pouring cream and proceeded to add this as well.




It had crispy edges and the texture of self saucing pudding, and it was sweet from the banana, and creamy and coco-nutty and every now and then you'd get a smack in the face from the rum. It was my most perfect dessert!

52 canoes, you did it again.

I also had the most frothy and perfectly brewed decaf cappuccino. 52 Canoes is so good to me.


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  2. Thank you for your kind words, and I'm glad you enjoyed our banana rum loaf.

    I'm especially interested in your Malibu twist so I must experiment with the recipe slightly and see how the Malibu, or our other coconut rum Koko Kanu, goes with the Angostura rum and banana - or swap the Angostura for one of the the coconut rums. Either way I'm looking forward to experimenting with the flavours.

    Rob, chef, 52 Canoes Tiki Den

    1. Thanks Rob... be sure to let me know if you need a tester!!

  3. I'm sure we can give you a freebie as the inventor of the coconut rum banana loaf. Tell me when you're free to pop in on a Tuesday or Wednesday and I'll make sure that they're fresh from the oven too.