Monday, 17 September 2012

Eating through Paris Part1

My Paris escape was unbelievable. For a city that I never had any interest in visiting, it stole my heart almost instantly. The food lived up to all expectations... enjoy.
Breakfast at Wetherspoons a Edinburgh Airport: Eggs Benedict. Yolks not *too* hard. Served on toast instead of muffin. Also impressively fast.
Bloody Mary EzyJet style
Proper French Macarons: I had a vanilla one and a passionfruit and cocolate one

Kate's entree: Escargot

Fish soup, served with cheese, a Marie Rose-esque sauce and toasted bread.


Smaller and sweeter than Scottish mussels. Yum.

Proper French Fries: these are so amazing

Afternoon tea: cappuccino and this beautiful specimen

Kate's treat- I tried this and it was sensational!

So beautiful


Passed this on a walk to the Notre Dame: looked amazing

We discovered a secret: the lineup to get into Eiffel Tower was huge- but you avoided the queues if you made a reservation for the restaurant.

The view from our table
 This restaurant was so very unusual. I almost expected it to be an over-the-top £100 per course affair. But it was quite the opposite. I would call it an airline or school cafeteria experience.

The menu contained items such as burgers, salads, pasta, and the waiter told us we needed to get up to order. Kate did this and came back with a shopping basket.

Starter: Ceasar Salad (Ceasars shouldn't contain tomatoes in my opinion) but it was tasty enough.

Main: ham and cheese pasta- very frozen dinner- but edible enough

The highlight of the meal was the mango and passionfruit pannacotta. The pannacotta itself was delicious but had too much fruit topping to really appreciate it in my opinion.
 So the views were incredible, and it was quite a buzz to be eating in a restaurant in the Eiffel Tower, but seriously? School dinners? And at 24 Euro for 3 tiny courses (approx £20 or aud30) it was underwhelming at best- however, skipping the queues did make it worth it.

Pauls: Jardin de Tueleries- a great find

Cafe au Lait, my first Pain au Chocolat and Kate's Blueberry tart- all amazing

Not a bad setting for an afternoon tea either

Breakfast on Avenue Champs Elysse

Tre French: Cafe, freshly squeezed orange juice, Croissant baguette and jam

An unexpected culinary experience at the airport: Hippos Steakhouse. A burger cooked rare that was so juicy it didn't need sauce- with fries and bearnaise. Mmmmmmm

Rare burger- positively perfect.

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