Sunday, 23 September 2012

Number One Balmoral In Pictures

This was the view as I walked across South Bridge to the Balmoral Hotel
 Dining Club and I had a night at Number One at the Balmoral planned for some time, and were thoroughly looking forward to it.

We opted for the tasting menu and matching wines.

Unfortunately when having a 7 course meal with matching wines, after about glass 4 I become more festive and less focused on making valuable points about each of the courses.

So enjoy my pictures and know that every course was incredible. (Wines in italics)
Appetizers on arrival

French Martini

Gruyere Bread

Amuse Bouche. Laurent Perrier Brut
Pigeon Breast (requested replacement for Saute Foie Gras)
The foie gras that I didn't have... it looks good.
Corra Linn. Palo Cotardo, Gonzales Byass, 30 yrs


Scallop. Vinho Branco, Julia Kemper 2010

 The next course was perfect! Beef and spelt risotto... two of my favourite things.
Beef. Pinot Noir, Giant Steps 2010

Pre Dessert

Vairhona Chololate. Banyuls, M. Chapoutier 2010
 The dessert was also noteworthy as second favourite course! Amazing brownie/fudgy chocolate concoction, cherries, coconut all so amazing.

Petit Fours
 The raspberry and basil merangues (middle) were such an amazing surprise. Crisp shell chewy inside and the basil was so subtle and perfectly suited.

 This was an utterly glamorous experience and would completely recommend this for a very special night.

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