Sunday, 17 June 2012


Yesterday in Edinburgh the weather was absolutely terrible, but I simply needed to go grocery shopping. So I rugged up, jumped on a bus and headed to the Retail Park near my place.

I have learnt, very slowly, that if I go shopping on an empty stomach I will buy at least one of everything in the whole supermarket. Yes, yes I know most people learn this their second or third time of shopping, I'm a little slow on the pickup.

Anyway, I had a look in Boots for something small, a wrap or sandwich, but they all looked old and mooshy. My only other option was KFC. Now, I have only had KFC one time since I have been over here, and if left me with less-than-pleasant memories, I would go into detail, but I had a couple of beers last night and my gag reflex is a little too sensitive this morning.

So I wandered into the foreign abyss and actually had to study the menu. LOL seriously, noone studies menus at fast food joints!

I had decided on a BBQ rancher wrap, and a small gravy. (I used to love KFC gravy so much I'd eat it straight with a spoon). So I gingerly approached the counter to order my meal.

'AHA' the counterboy pronounces 'You can get a box set for cheaper and it comes with 2 sides and a piece of chicken!', what clever up-selling.

Now dispite the fact I wasn't overly hungry, or the fact that this very lovely attendant was speaking at 1000 words-per-minute and I couldn't really understand what he was saying I agreed, I think, to a BBQ rancher box meal.

Something in the style of this, but with a wrap, or 'twister' as it's known in the Colonel's world.

Here's where it got confusing... for me anyway. So I was offered 2 sides, after I had already told the lad I wanted a meal and a small gravy... so chips and gravy, but I was offered a side order and had my options listed to me... 'err corn?' I responded, paid my money and waited.
Even with all of the communication problems I ended up with my wrap, a piece of chicken, drink, chips and gravy, and no corn.

 So this is how it showed up. It's a fair whack of food for £5.19

The chips were dead cold, but as in Australia too, the gravy was served radioactively hot... so they balance each other out, kind of. The gravy was just as amazing as I remembered. The 7up tasted just a little of washing up detergent.

The chicken leg was luke-warm, but the skin was amazing. One I peeled the skin away, the actual size of the leg underneath was about a third of the size of the outer-coating, but it was really succulent. I must state however, the meat tasted about as much as chicken as Big Mac meat resembles sirloin steak.
 My precious gravy. And yes, before anyone mentions it... I know what goes into it, and I still love it.
 So the wrap doesn't look anything like what the picture suggested it would. And it didn't really taste anything of how I imagined it would. The BBQ sauce tasted like if you leave a bottle of ketchup standig for ages and it gets a watery bit on top... exactly like that, but tangier.

The chicken has the most unusual texture... like if tofu went stale.

So my KFC experience was 50/50. The gravy was still great, and I still love the chip/gravy combo. The chicken was good, if I'm not expecting chicken. I will stay away from the Twister next time, but you know what, I think I'll probably be back.

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