Monday, 12 November 2012

Harajuku Gyoza Brisbane

I was very excited for 2 things when I got back to Australia... To see my wonderful friend Miss C and the other was to try Harajuku Gyoza, which I have seen all over my social media streams and desperate to try. We combined the 2!

B & C Gyoza Party!

Even at 8.40pm, there were people lining up to get in.

Fortunately only a few, and diners were finishing up and leaving.

As we make our way in, I am instantly taken with the ambiance. The place is alive with happy patrons, eating, drinking, chatting . The restaurant has a casual feel but still gives the impression that it is somewhere special.

We request a spot by the bar, and the owner is more than happy to fill our request.

The waitresses sing out happy Japanese-isms, tables order Sake, plum wine and beer.

The menu is brilliant in it's simplicity: gyoza (dumplings) served grilled or poached at $8 per plate of 5 (or 3 if ordering prawn); side dishes of miso, rice, edamame (from $3 to $6); and starter-sized mains including chicken karaage and katsudon (from $7 to $11) then the dessert dumplings. And some changing specials.

I order a Kirin, and Miss C a Ginger Beer.

Miss C tells me the ordering process is very laid back, order a small plate, then of you want some more... order some more.

We start with a bowl of edamame, I get the prawn gyoza grilled, and C the pork, also grilled.

 The gyoza are delicious, wonderfully fresh ingredients and piping hot.

 I go on to order the duck gyoza grilled, and the pork poached. All plates maintain the high standards set by our first plates.

As the night goes on the place starts to clear out, but I am still so shocked to see a restaurant so bussling so late on a thursday night. It's exceptional, and the owners must be incredibly proud.

Miss C ends the night with a plate of the chicken karaage, which I get to try and am totally bowled away by.

What a place! It's loud, and it's busy and feels a bit hectic, but all of this is what reminds me of Asia.

Our meal comes to $64 including drinks and we both leave feeling very satisfied.

I wish the owners the best of luck, and judging by it's popularity, Harajuku Gyoza isn't going anywhere, and this makes me happy.

Harajuku Gyoza
Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley
Brisbane, Australia

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