Monday, 20 August 2012

I Got To Go Back To STEAK!!!

 I had a visitor up from London and knew immediately where to take him: only my favourite restaurant in the world.

Steak Edinburgh.

As with last time, we were showed into the bar to have a drink before going to our table. AND as last time I had a French Martini, but disappointingly they had changed their recipe: no toasted marshmallow on top this time. But it was still lovely.

I had pre-decided to get the Beef Wellington again, but they had run out, and run out of the Chateaubriand I was positively gutted. Of the sharing meats, the only one left was the 850g Cote De Boeuf, which was described as a meatier, more flavoursome cut. I can't say I wasn't disappointed but I was going to try it with an open mind and heart.

For starters I opted for the Steak Tartare, my guest the oxtail soup.

My Tartare was divine, beautifully presented and flavoured, I could have been very happy ordering 3 of these to keep me going.

The oxtail soup was served with a puff pastry lid and looked ENORMOUS on arrival, but after breaking through the lid, it was to be discovered that the bowl was very big, but the soup was a satisfactory starter size. I was lucky enough to try the soup and it was meatalicious, very robust in flavour and beautiful chunks of oxtail that fell apart in the mouth.

Both starters were triumphs.
 For sides we went for my favourite of last time: the peas and bacon, my guest chose the cauliflower gratin and the sweetcorn fritters. Unfortunately AGAIN, they had no pickled star anise carrots so we went for the triple cooked chips.

The peas, cream and bacon, again was sublime- it may be one of my most favourite things in the world, I could eat it forever, and I don't even like peas all that much.

The fritters were just as munchable as last time. I didn't rate the cauliflower t all, it was quite bland to my palate and the consisitancy was a bit too, thick, maybe even solid for my liking.

The chips, again, were nice- god I wish the chips were perfect... I really, really want Steak to have the most perfect chips in the world and then I could just live there and eat there everyday of my life, but alas. They were- fine.

I do love having my meat carved in front of me.

We ordered the Bouef De Cote medium rare, as I tend to do with cuts of meat with bone in, and the cooking was just perfect. The juiciness just stays right in the meat, it's just... a beautiful thing.

The wonderful waitress (who remembered me from last time- awww) was spot on, this is a meaty, manly cut of beef, the char around the outside boldly reminiscent of BBQ back home, and a strong beef flavour. Still like butter to cut through, and beautifully flavoured and tenderised with now molten veins of fat.

Halfway through, the waitress asked if this had changed me from a Beef Wellington girl, it hasn't, BUT I think I now need to order 2 cuts/beef varieties at a time. One of each!

I just kept eating those peas.

I must say, I'm very happy my guest wasn't as hungry as me cause I totally gorged 2/3 of the meat and most of the sides, but cleverly, wore a loose dress, as I was expecting this may the outcome.

We were left the bone and given full permission to chew/ravage it, and I happily accepted the offer.

No desserts this time, just an Ameretto to settle the tum, and to give me time to enjoy being full of my favourite food.

I still love this restaurant. How soon til I can go back again?

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