Friday, 17 February 2012


For a long time I didn't enjoy eating bacon very much at all.

At McDonalds is was always Sausage McMuffins, never bacon. I preferred egg on toast, to bacon and egg. But things have changed.

I think my love of bacon started when I was a tradie... well, working WITH tradies at least. You learn very quickly that bacon and egg rolls are one of 3 breakfast staples (along with pie/sausage roll, or toast for when you are really poor). Bacon and egg rolls are a little piece of heaven in my eyes. That's what started it. Since then, I never looked back.

I think cooking has an awful lot to do with it. I really don't enjoy crispy bacon. An old boyfriend of mine used to have it as cooked as you can get before it turns black. To me that just makes it taste powdery, like bacon jerky. For me, its still pink, with just some small areas of browning from the grill/frying pan.

This evening, hungover, dinner was bacon. Bacon and brie on lightly toasted white bread (all bets are off when it comes to hangovers- sorry guts).



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