Sunday, 21 January 2018

Eat Street... The New One

Last time I went to Eat Street it was at it's old location in June 2014 See post here.

I have walked past the site of the new Eat Street and it actually looks terrifyingly huge. The last time I went it was so busy and difficult to get a seat and I think this is why I hadn't been back in so long.

However, I was well overdue with a catch up with Miss C and we were going to Eat Street.

As we attempt to park the car, my concern creeps in, there are so many cars, how many people would be inside???

However we eventually get a spot, pay the $2.50 entry fee and make our way in.

The first thing I notice as that even though there are alot of people, there is space to move. There is a carnival feel, and everyone seems happy.

The new Eat Street is HUGE. I would suggest 4 or 5 times bigger than the old one and offers a huge array of eating options.

We start off getting a Mango and coconut mocktail ($7) from Mocktail Madness. It comes in a container is both interesting and cylindrical, the contents refreshing and delicious.

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We wander about and end up at the Trawler Deck and stumble on a pasta in cheese wheel stall called I <3 Pizza and Pasta and are hypnotised my the wafting smells of fresh basil and cheese. We decide to share a serve ($14). The pasta is delicious but I'm a little surprised that the cheese flavour isn't as prominent as I would have hoped, the fresh pesto is delicious though.

Next we wander over to pick to Asia Street to try what C calls 'the best satay she has ever tasted" at Yum Tum Thai Street food where we go halves in a share plate ($15)

The prawns, (even though I think they were both done the same?) were fresh and delicious. The chicken satay was indeed very delicious, and exactly what I think of when I think of GOOD satay. Very crisp and tasty spring rolls. I'm not one for soft shell crab, I just don't think they offer much, but it was... okay, I guess.

Unfortunately, by this stage, we were done.

I think this would be a great place to come with a group so you could all share and indulge in many items without getting to full, as most of the items we looked at were entree or small meal size costing between $12 and $18, rather than tasters which I think would be a great option.

So we went looking for a small sweet to finish off with and found Miss Claude's French Crepes and went for the Caramel Ambrosia, which was 2 crepes filled with salted caramel, served with banana, strawberry and vanilla ice cream ($10). These were just perfect, and shared this while overlooking the Brisbane River.

I had a really nice time and I really look forward to going back again.

It seems that meal times are the busiest, so I'd like to try for a mid-afternoon Sunday I think.

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