Thursday, 29 May 2014

Boston Coffee House and Warehouse Grill

To Whom It May Concern,

I have never been overly drawn towards the 'Americana' food phase that seems to be all the rage at the moment. You know what I'm talking about, big cheesy burgers, hot dogs, chili fries... all of that Man Vs Food type stuff.

Don't get me wrong, Man Vs Food makes me drool (as much for Mr Richman, as much as the trillion calorie meals he presents), but maybe it's just been a lack of availability til recently, or a fear of turning into a giant fatty.

because I can.

My two dinner pals, however, have visited the USA several times, and LIVE for its indigenous cuisine.

I was around at Mr D and Ms S's house playing with their new puppy, Ghost, when we tried to decide what to have for dinner.

The Sunshine Coast has had an explosion of new cafe's, bars and restaurants in the last 12 months, it's really been quite extraordinary. One of them is the Boston Coffee House located in the quiet and relitively new residential area of Brightwater. Whispers of their burger menu had made it's way to our ears and one of those whispers contained talk of the Fenwick Park, aka the burger served on a glazed donut.

We made our way out to Brightwater. The Boston Coffee house would have been quite missable had we not known it was beside the Aldi, so we parked the car and went to see if it was in fact open.

Located in Brightwater, about a 5 minute drive south-west of Mooloolaba

By day, the aptly named Boston Coffee House serves (oddly) coffee, breakfasts, lunches, and sweets. The waitress informs me that by night, the coffee house becomes the Warehouse Grill, and has been doing so for about 5 weeks.

We are informed that we may grab a table and a menu and order when ready. We take a table inside and make our way through the expansive menu.

This excerpt is just the beef burgers. Also available is chicken, pork and lamb burgers.

I decide that I simply MUST try the donut burger aka the Fenwick Park. Mr D opts for the Bullpen, and Ms S the Breaking Ball.

For sides we decide on the Frickles (Deep fried pickles), onion rings and fries.

Ms S decides to get a vanilla milkshake, while Mr D and I take advantage of the BYO option and pick up some Blue Moon beers from the bottleshop next door.

We make our way up to the counter where we wait behind 2 other patrons.

The patrons in front of us wait about 2 minutes before being served, and then Ms S and I get served about 5 minutes after waiting at the counter.

I didn't like this, but it is forgivable. The cafe wasn't busy.

Ms S's milkshake arrives in a timely fashion and looks absoutely adorable in a olde style glass milk bottle.

Before too long we are greeted with our dinners.

My Fenwick Park:
Let me say...

I would so let myself gain 100kgs if it meant I could eat these everyday. It not only lived up to my Adam Richman created dreams but surpased it many times over.

I had an idea that the sweet and salty/savoury would work well, but it's so much more than that. The spongy, squishy texture of the donuts against the meats, and the crystally, syruppy glaze versus the slowly meating cheese... Oh it's almost too much.

Mr D's Bullpen:

 This burger was an absolute stonker, two massive patties, cheese and onion rings. It really was quite a sight. D complimented the use of turkish bread as a bun, however, there was no "hot flowing cheese centre", as advertised on the menu.

The sides were a real highlight. They were out of frickles, which literally broke our hearts, so we replaced that segment with hot wings.

But the chips were perfectly seasoned and were cooked as well as any chip I have ever had.

The onion rings also had the perfect crunch when you bit into them, beautifully sweet onion inside and not a sign of greasiness.

The hot wings (with chili sauce) were beautifully cooked, flavoured and with a nice strong hit of heat. Aioli was kindly provided as a side which came in handy when that heat kicked in.

Ms S's Breaking Ball
Ms S asked for this burger with no onion and with sauce on the side. It did come with onions, and the sauce didn't come til requested, it also came with bacon on it, which wasn't on the menu and was not requested.

The meat did have a lovely bourbon flavour, but I thought they might have gone a little heavy handed on the peppers, lovely flavours but we all decided after tasting that this burger needed something creamy on it.

Apart from a few forgivable faux pas, I would really recommend a visit here to try to burgers. I will certainly be coming back to try the Home Plate, with pastrami, saurkraut and swiss cheese on a beef pattie and of course for another Fenwick Park and more onion rings. And to hopefully try some frickles.

The cafe itself has a really lovely atmosphere, and plenty of outdoor tables as well.

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