Thursday, 17 October 2013

Arnica Restaurant- Maroochydore

 Oh, it is getting far too long between posts.

This makes me sad, and last night, taking my Dad to one of my new local favourites, I promised I would blog about the experience. I have missed it. I can see by the counter that I am still getting views, so welcome to my new readers and welcome back to my friends that have visited before.

One thing I do have to state, however, is that I have apparently forgotten how to take photos of food I opted for no flash and had to lighten the pics to within an inch of their life. Apologies. Obviously out of practice.I will be sure to make the explanations all the more descriptive

I had my best buddy, my Dad, come visit me this week for some dad and daughter time. We drove around, took in some views and pubs and did some fishing. To finish off our day together we were to go out to dinner.

As you can tell, for the last few years my passion for eating out has continued to grow, my father's passion for delicious dining outings is just beginning, and nothing could make me happier.

For our dinner together I recommend Arnica, off Duporth Avenue in Maroochydore.

I first visited Arnica perhaps a month ago with my best friends and fellow Supper Club members Miss C and Miss A. Miss A has an entertainment voucher book, and this is what lead us to Arnica and we enjoyed the experience very much.

Arnica sits at #2 restaurant in Maroochydore on Trip Advisor and an scores an impressive 89% on Urban Spoon.

The restaurant is nestled at the end of an alley, but  positioned with a spectacular outlook over the river mouth.

Photos of Arnica, Maroochydore
The outlook by day: This photo of Arnica is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The spectacular Italian inspired menu boasts luscious local seafood offerings, as well as modern Australian twists on classics much as eye fillet, duck and lamb, seafood platters, and the house special Caciucco alla Livornest: "Traditional Italian style fish & seafood pot, served with grilled sourdough".

Visit the entire menu here 

The meal starts with a warm roll and olive oil.

With so many incredible options available, Dad and I decide that we are happy to share both of our courses, so we can experience as much as possible, and opt for the "local scallops with Asian crust served with cucumber salsa"  and the "lightly fried tender local calamari settled over minty crisp salad". And both choose the Twin Islands Sauvignon Blanc.

 The scallops are perfectly tender, the crisp crumbs providing a beautiful contrast to the springy meat. The flavours are delicate but perfectly balanced.

 The calamari salad on the other hand commands attention with rather strong flavours; fresh and well cooked crumbed calamari sits atop a salad of carrot and red cabbage flavoured with mint.

For mains we decide on the Roasted rack of lamb: "French trimmed grain fed lamb rack roasted and served with Scandinavian assorted root vegetables and a pinot noir jus" as well as the the fish of the day: red emperor served on mashed potato with Moroccan vegetables.

I opt for the fish dish first and it was truly sensational. The red emperor- a fish I had not previously tried- was beautiful flavoured, and cooked to perfection. The mash on which is rested had a hearty potato flavour, and the Moroccan vegetable medley provided a welcome texture with lentil and chickpea, spices and tomato, the dish is finished off with a lightly tangy white sauce, and although each individual element alone is lovely, once combined, this dish nears perfection.

The lamb rack we order, Miss C had ordered on our previous visit, and I was most keen to try for myself. The lamb was as lamb should taste, like he lived a happy life and was juicy and tender, The jus decadently rich, but whereas vegetables can quite often be more garnish, the Scandinavian root vegetables served with this perfect plate stand tall and outspoken, every vegetable boasts perfect texture and each individual vegetable's own flavour is true to itself.

Earlier in the day, dad and I had stopped into the Silva Spoon and picked up cake, so we chose to forego the desserts menu, sadly.

Both this experience and my first were incredibly enjoyable.

The staff, especially the waiter I had on both occasions, are very welcoming and knowledgable, and this always helps top off a lovely meal.

I was unsure, after the eye fillet I had last time was PERECT, to order it again, or try something new. But I am really happy I did try something new, because I everything I have tried has been lovely.

I really recommend this restaurant if on the coast.

Prices can be found in the menu link, or on the website.

14-16 Duporth Ave, Maroochydore, T. 07 5479 6575 or F. 07 5479 6578 - E.

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