Saturday, 16 February 2013

Not Another Pizza Post

Just a quick one.

It's starting to look like I'm a massive pizza fiend, which is only partially true.

To be fair, I've been eating very boringly lately, and pizza is just my break from veggie soups and salads.

These are pizzas we made at home, with reduced to clear pizza bases from Woolworths. (3 for $3 down from 3 for $7).

Our first pizza we added pesto from a jar to the pre-sauced base, pine-nuts, chicken breast and spring onions, then topped with fresh basil and ripped pieces of baby bocconcini.

The middle pizza was salsa as the base sauce, fried bacon pieces, mushroom, small cubes of emmantal, topped with chili flakes, fresh basil and bocconcini.

And the end one was our mish-mash, which turned out to be the yummiest... pesto base, chicken, bacon, mushroom, spinach and ripped pieces of bocconcini.

I don't know how of why, but these were the tastiest at-home pizzas I have ever had. They were dead perfect.

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