Friday, 12 October 2012

Eating Rome

 I stopped into Rome purely for the sake of going to having been to Rome.

It was a very busy and hot city. With a million tourists. Many of the cafes and restaurants, you could tell, were purely set up for tourists. In saying that I still had some lovely food while there. And what else I found is that the waiters and restaurant owners were great for a chat.

I arrived in time for a late lunch/early dinner, and decided on a birra and a Spagetti Carbonara.

Carbonara is one of my Mum's perfected dishes and the one I had here was so on par with Mum's version. So, well done mum and well done Italy.

The crispy bacon really made this dish.

 I only had one full day and 2 half days in Rome and the full day was packed to the brim with sightseeing. It was hot and humid and I really looked forward to escaping the sweltering heat to the comfort of a cafe.

Another beer... for cooling purposes.
Nice bottle.
 I feel pretty blessed that there's no food I don't like. It comes in really handy when I can't actually understand menus. I really wanted a salad to start and insalata I could understand.

This one contained octopus, almonds, celery and sun dried tomatoes, and was absolutely delicious!

 For a main I tried the ravioli with ricotta and spinach in tomato sauce. It was delicious but the sauce tasted so much like Dolmio bottled sauce... I don't know if this means my palette has become too accustomed to bottled sauces or if big sauce companies have just got it right... or maybe it was just a bland sauce.

Don't get me wrong, it was still delicious, but different from what I expected.
 Dinner day 2.

I did not judge this book by it's cover. A very shabby looking street side cafe turned out to be a wonderful surprise.
 The waiter barely spoke any English but we had such a fun time trying to understand each other.

I ordered insalata Greca... a Greek Salad. It was fresh and tasty.

 And a Pizze con gambetta, a pizza with prawns.

It really was heavenly. Pizzas all around the Mediterranean are just awesome.

I have found that with pizzas you need 3 vital things... a wonderful base, a really fresh and well seasoned tomato sauce and buffalo mozzarella. 

 This low-cal (HAH) plate was the profiterole plate.. a recommendation from my waiter a la favorita. It was MENTALLY good. Chocolatty, and cakey and cream galore. I loved it.

 A limencello to settle the tum.

Limoncello is a wonderful Italian digestif which tastes just like lemon squash (cordial).

I don't know if I'd go back to Rome, but it was certainly an experience. Next stop. Florence.

Spoiler alert... best food I've ever eaten was in Florence!

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