Thursday, 8 December 2011

Crazy weather= staying indoors.

Spent the day indoors today, following police warnings to do so due to the extreme weather... known affectionately as Hurricane Bawbag... I didn't witness it as such, but everything was closed- bridges, schools, museums etc and winds were topping 90mph.

So I cleaned and ate.

Dinner was inspired by Lord Heston Blumenthal (ie experimental). I had leftover pork belly but didn't feel like roast again, so I cubed it, made a tomato and pesto sauce, some leftover veg, spooned over tortilla chips, added cheese and made an Italiano/Mexican/Porky deliciousness.

Rest of the day was just playing with the new camera... so many features...

What I'm loving:
  • Twitter
  • Taking photos
What I'm hating:
  • J-Lo in the new mascara ad

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