Monday, 18 June 2018

Cooking for Gudgie 4

I LOVE winter.

Just one of the reasons is comfort foods. Sauce, carbs, umami flavours out the wing wang!

We don't really have a winter in Brisbane. But I like the non-humid 3 months we get between may and July with sunny days, maximums under 30 and minimums that range between 9 and 13. 

What is more comforting than spaghetti: not much. 

Here we have gourmet meatballs from IGA ($3.80 clearance), some spaghetti, a jar of pasta sauce, Raguletto if I remember corectly, and old veggies that I totally mum-sneaked into the sauce, in this case, red capsicum, wilty broccolini (just the stems) and a can of Italian marinated mushrooms.

Boil pasta, halve rissoles, roll into balls, brown. When browned add finly diced veg, sautee for 2 mins, add sauce, season to taste. PRESTO. 
Price per plate: $1.50
(made 4 serves)


I just bunged everything in the oven really.

Well obviously, there's more to it than that. I par boiled the potatoes, everything was oiled and seasoned, temperatures were changed and meats were rested.

I would really rely more heavily on a celebrity chef, or a proven recipe if you want to know how to cook a roast, because, in all honesty roasts scare the poop out of me.  I just really fluked this one.

Bonus tip: roasted celery is REALLY delicious.

I've been watching my foodie programmes lately, many of them featuring Mexican food/chefs.

One thing I'm finding is that everything is very clean and simplified over there.

Generally a tex-mex, cali-mex, or aus-mex has so many individual items which seem to all flow into a lava stream of gooey, guaco-salsa-sour cream-meat juice mess down the arms.

I tried a simple one. Last night's potatoes, mushrooms, capsicum, oil, salt pepper, and some spices, on a heated tortilla with a very light sprinkle of cheese for Gudge and a smear of avo for myself. It was really something. I liked it alot. 

How's this for a super yum Sunday brekky?

Pikelets from a pack, an apple, sliced finely, simmered for a few minutes with butter and cinnamon sugar and a dollop of some natural yoghurt mixed with maple syrup... WHAT?! yep, so easy. 

Approx price per serve... ONE DOLLAR FIFTY (This is how cafes make ALL of the money)

And lastly for this week some lovely eye fillet ($14.99/kg at T Bones), with as many un-boring veg I could fit on the plate.

Roasted cauliflower: way nicer taste and texture than steamed.

Sauteed cabbage with butter, garlic and lardons of kranski.

Sauteed beans.

A mixed sprout salad with fresh radish and french dressing.

I had to butcher the whole eye fillet myself, but I ended up getting 6x  170g fillets at a cost of $2.33 per steak.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Agree on roasted cauliflower add some parmesan at end of roast for a quick cauliflower cheese equivalent