Thursday, 31 May 2018

Cooking for Gudgie 2

I've been sick this week. A chest infection or some such. Needless to say there has been many meals that have not been worthy of a photo, but would be more at home on CookSuck  (if you haven't read this before, be prepared for vulgarity and many lols).

However I did manage to get some dishes out. 

Firstly I marinated some pork chops with salt, pepper, olive oil Cayenne and Chinese five spice before pan frying and resting. I served this up with the simplest potato salad (sans bacon and egg) and a bruscetta of tomato, avo and fresh zucchini served on lightly toasted sourdough baguette.

Potato Salad recipe

Potatoes (I don't even differentiate between varieties, these were baby potatoes)
White onion diced very finely
Whole Egg Mayo (such as Tomy, Hellmanns etc)

Peel and chop potato into approx 1 inch cubes/pieces
Boil in generously salted water til just tender
While still warm add diced onion, mix gently
Wait about ten minutes before adding a very generous amount of mayo salt, and pepper.

This salad is really good served still warm topped with chopped parsley and or spring onions.

Pork chops were from T Bones for $3.99/ kg in bulk trays . As I am writing this, Woolies is currently doing pork chops from $16 to $21/kg. Supermarket chains are not good value for buying meat!

Approx price per plate: $3

Gudge and I were having our friend JC over for dinner as a thank you for ordering some computer parts for us.

I decided a curry smorgasbord (ummm, 2) would be a good plan for cooking ahead of time.

I discovered the BEST Curry Kit (actually my mum did and gave me a pack, I then sent her back to buy me 10 more)

It's this, and it's insanely good.

I also had this pack, which was also excellent. I used 2 packs of each.

Both packs come with 3 sachets, paste, sauce and spice sachets.

For the Malaysian Curry I used about 1.5kgs of pork (a mix of loin and chops) and about 8 small potatoes.

The Daal I added just a few extra veg.

I ended up having enough curry to feed the 3 of us, my two housemates, and approx 7 lunch portions.

To complete the meal I had pre-made garlic naan, poppadoms, home made raita (yogurt, cucumber and mint), chutney and a small salad of banana, desiccated coconut, lemon juice and a touch of malibu.

Price per plate/person:
Pork Malay Curry: $1
Daal Curry: $1.50
Sides: $4.50

My favourite hug meal: Won ton soup.

Braise chicken thigh in stock, soy sauce, fish sauce, salt, pepper and chinese five spice til cooked through, take out and shred, return to stock, add ready made won tons and any julienne veg you have, at last minute add thinly sliced radish and fresh herbs.

When we were in Hobart, atop the revolving restaurant, Gudge ordered a dish of gnocchi in a pumpkin sauce, he had mentioned at the time, he loved the sauce and that it tasted like pumpkin soup. This stuck with me and I thought I'd have a little experiment with the concept using a homemade pumpkin soup we had in the freezer.

I boiled up some spaghetti. While this was on, I heated the soup in a fry pan, I added a jar of chargrilled capsicum, some salt, pepper, cayenne butter and olive oil.

Then drained the spaghetti and stirred through the sauce.

Topped with a little cheese  spring onion and parsley. It was delicious, and Gudge tells me... on par with the restaurant.

When I used to work in the city, I would frequent Rolld for lunch. One of my favourites was their noodly, salad thing with meat... as I would call it... further research would indicate what I enjoyed was


A salad with a twist, bun thit xao fuses the sticky sweetness of beef with rice noodles and fresh herbs that pack a punch. To be enjoyed sitting with friends over lunch or as a light dinner option, bun thit xao is a delicate meal that perfectly pairs distinctive Vietnamese flavours. The freshness and zest of this dish served at room temperature makes it a great warm or cool weather option.
Craving something super healthy, but not all cold (as we've just started winter here), I thought I'd give this a shot.
I actually surprised myself. I bought a premade Asian salad mix, some rice vermicelli, red caps, brocolini, marinaded some chicken thighs for just a few minutes then pan fried. Did noodles with some veggie stock and hey presto... It was super yummy. I used the dressing from the salad but added some soy, fish sauce, lemon juice and sweet chilli, and it sealed the deal. 

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