Saturday, 19 May 2018

Cooking For Gudgie 1


So I've decided that I'm going to go back to something I used to do when I first started this blog, and that's actually talk about what I cook.

I love cooking, and my Gudgie and I have an arrangement, I cook, he cleans. We're eating out less these days as well, so it makes sense, I can still have something to write about this way.  I would also like to let everyone know that cooking at home can be really inexpensive. Don't get me wrong, it can also be VERY expensive, it's all about using hints and tricks.

Wednesday night, a very simple but very tasty dinner of home-made potato and leek soup, served with a cheese and salad baguette.

The soup had been frozen from the last big batch I made, the baguette was a really yummy sourdough baguette, with avocado, mesculin mix, vine tomatoes cheese and mayo.

Approx price per person Soup $1 p.p baguette $4 p.p. total cost $5 per head

These Kievs were half price from Coles at 4 for $5. I had purchased zucchini from T-Bones for 89c a kilo, organic beans were $3 on special and the vege mash was down to $2 at Woolworths. The greens were sauteed in a frypan with olive oil, butter, salt, pepper and garlic powder.

Total prep and cooking time for meal was 30 minutes, total cost per head: under $4.

Served with a zucchini muffin from the easiest and best recipe ever, (also's most popular recipe) Zucchini Slice Recipe

Saturday night binge night consisted of 2 McCains pizzas with add-ons, cornchips, home made guacamole and sour cream.

Pizza 1 was a supreme base, with my most recent and favourite discovery of Ajvar: a Middle Eastern smokey eggplant, capsicum and garlic spread/paste. It's so good! (around $8-10 for a big jar ~800g)

I also added to the pizza: mushroom, capsicum, zucchini ribbons, cheese, salt, pepper, chili flakes and garlic powder. Garlic powder being one of my other most favourite discoveries and I rarely ever use fresh garlic at all anymore.

Pizza two was a meatlovers base to which I added mushroom and capsicum, salt, pepper and garlic powder

Avos don't cost a million dollars a piece anymore, so have been gobbling them up.

Guac recipe:

2 avos
1 tomato
1 tbs sour cream
1 small dribble sweet chili
garlic powder

Approx price per head $7.

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